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EUROTEX RUSSIA exists from 1993. This is the first European standard agency in Russia. Its goal is to provide for Russian designers and clothes producers the best quality fabrics and the last achievements of the world textile industry. We work in accordance to the rhythm of the world textile market. Meaning that the collections are produced twice a year (spring-summer and winter-autumn). Presentation of new collections usually happens during specialized international exhibitions such as PREMIERE VISION in Paris. We get the new collections as soon as they've come out.


EUROTEX RUSSIA is the agent of the most famous European textile manufacturers for haute couture as well as for pret-a-porter on the Russian market. We represent the companies, which are recognized by the leading fashion houses and manufacturers of mass clothes all over the world. At the same time we consider the particularity of the Russian market and do our best in order to meet our clients needs. Assortment of the collections represented by us is various: unique French laces, Lion and Italian silks, wool fabrics, artificial fur, suede and many others.


EUROTEX RUSSIA regularly participates in the most significant European textile fairs: PREMIERE VISION, IDEA COMO, PRATO EXPO, MODA IN. There we not only observe new collections but also accompany our clients and provide informational assistance for them during these events. In Russia our company is a permanent exhibitor at Federal Wholesale Fair in Moscow and at the many exhibitions in the centres of the textile industry (Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk).


We suppose that EUROTEX RUSSIA, by its activity, makes a certain contribution into establishing and development of fashion industry and fashion life of the contemporary Russian society. We try to share with young designers and specialists all the information and knowledge that we get during our activity about main fashion tendencies, technology development in textile industry. We organize specialized seminars and lectures in the State University of Technology and Design as well as in the State Art-Industrial Academy in St. Petersburg. Our company also holds seminars in the Model House "Kuznetsky most" in Moscow, which are attended by many designers. EUROTEX RUSSIA has established its award for most appropriate and most contemporary use of textile material at the International Fashion Design Contest "Admiralty Needle" (St. Petersburg), as well as at the International Design Award SMIRNOFF.

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