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Company Overview

ZAO "ASTRA TRADE" was established in 2001 as a trading company. Our specialization lies in trading activity, including export/import of different products and technologies.

We also supply Astra Business Services, which is a unique range of services providing full assistance to foreign companies in getting easy and reliable access to Russian market.

Our aim is to make foreign newcomers' as well as very experienced companies' activities in Russia free and efficient. Our network of partners and suppliers opens a possibility to operate all over Russia and CIS Countries.

Principals of Our Operation


We believe that the main indicators of professionalism are competence and diligence; we therefore make every effort to ensure that effective solutions are pursued with maximum efficiency for the client. We use outsourcing business approach, which means hiring specific companies (suppliers) that have highly qualified experts, required certificates, essential licenses and all necessary equipment to provide the required service. We carefully select and test our outsourcers, we control and co-ordinate the whole process and we are responsible for the final result. It allows not only to minimize costs of client, but also to guarantee the best-possible quality of services and authenticity of information.


One of our advantages lies in the knowledge of political, social and business conditions in today's Russia. Astra Trade is actively participating in Russian business development using its internationally minded business philosophy together with local knowledge and experience.


We are certain that co-operation can lead to success, provided that mutual understanding can be reached as early as the joint preparation stage. We take the matter of client relations seriously, assuming the roles of partners, consultants and friends. We always take the long-term view and make every effort to ensure that each new client becomes permanent.

Latest News

Finland: platform and corridor to Russia, CIS Countries and Baltic States - Milan (Italy, Lombardia Region), 9-10 June 2003

Astra Trade in cooperation with Agenzia per la Russia S.r.l. and Finpro Marketing Oy and Straightway organize business event in Milan "Finland: platform and corridor to Russia, CIS Countries and Baltic States".... more ::.

ROODBERG’s Boat Handling Equipment in Russia

Since 2003 Astra Trade represents in Russia boat-handling equipment for the water sport industry, marina’s and shipyards produced by ROODBERG HOLLAND b.v..... more ::.

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